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Our approach

We build a need-driven solution for each of our customers. Explorer™ allows us to do so rapidly, cost-effectively and minimizing development risk for you. We are here for you from the initial idea to deployment and beyond.

How we ensure you are happy with our services

Customer care

We always start by digging into what you need, so we have a profound understanding of exactly what is required. Our scientific expertise means we talk the same language as you – and understand the science behind each problem and solution. Then, we build a solution around your needs, deploy it and take care of it for you so it works for years to come

Explorer™ Platform

We configure and implement solutions based on adaptive Explorer modules. That means we don’t start from scratch, and you get a world-class solution for the long haul. And it’s easily extendable later on with other Explorer modules!

Agile development

One size fits none. Using the Explorer modules as a basis, we configure and implement a solution for you by Agile development. Agile has been shown to be more cost-effective, more flexible, deliver better results and lead to higher customer satisfaction than sequential, waterfall development

Explorer™ Platform

Our unique Explorer Platform is the single solution for all your biodata needs, allowing you to use your valuable clinical and genomics research data more easily and efficiently. All of our solutions are based on Explorer Platform.

The adaptive platform for health innovations

No two projects are ever identical – and your needs are unique. Sometimes off-the-shelf software might do the trick for you, but in the complex world of biomedical data and health discoveries, that doesn’t happen too often. Our Explorer Platform is catered to your requirements. Using a solid basis as a start, we add exactly the right modules and configure them to form your solution, giving you a quickly deployed, need-driven solution.


Solutions built on the Explorer Platform are easily extendable by other Explorer modules and third-party tools. Our solutions evolve with your needs over the short and long term. The modules are continuously updated to keep your solution up to date with rapidly changing technological environments. That means a longer lifetime for your solution and software that evolves and grows with your business.

Modularity means benefits

The Explorer Platform lets you choose which applications are in your solution, from managing and storing your data, all the way to analyzing and visualizing the results. Our modular solutions grow with your data and evolve with your needs. And if you already have some tools in use, the platform offers the added flexibility of incorporating external applications.

Built for big biomedical data

Sometimes, you need to work with vast amounts of data to reach your goals. For example, population genome programs create the immense challenge of managing and efficiently using the data of hundreds of thousands of individuals. The Explorer Platform is built to tackle this challenge. From the outset, we’ve made sure that all our technological solutions scale up to truly big data – so you can concentrate on the results, not technological challenges.

Case studies

Explore how we have empowered companies in various industries to harness big data from a wide range of sources, and to analyze it to uncover insights that make a great difference for these companies and the world we live in.