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Clinical and phenotypic data give context and meaning to all other biomedical data, such as genomics and metabolomics, playing a pivotal role in healthcare and research. The first step in using this data with confidence is to ensure its high quality, completeness and unity. Clinical data curation is the foundation of discovery and the responsible use of data.


Clinical and Phenotypic Data Curation

Accurate™ combines data curation and automated ontology mapping functions to efficiently curate clinical and phenotypic datasets and ontologies. No matter how large or small your data set, with Accurate you save time and resources in the curation and ontology mapping processes, with reductions of up to 75% in time spent on curation and ontologizing work.

Standardizing and harmonizing your data

Curated and ontologized data is the foundation of discovery and reliable data use. Curation is crucial for using and analyzing heterogeneous clinical and phenotypic datasets, regardless of whether the data originates from scientific research, clinical trials or healthcare systems. Curation and ontologizing standardizes and harmonizes your data according to agreed rules, so that you can focus on what’s essential: making discoveries and using your data with ease and confidence.

Powerful, secure and easy-to-use

For easy and effective curation

Integrates essential functions for curating clinical and phenotypic datasets, and combines this with a novel, convenient ontologizing function.

Fast and intuitive
to use

Use the data overview to explore your data at a quick glance, apply several intuitive data cleanup functions to edit individual entries or bulk edit entries.

AI and machine

Automatically map clinical terms to selected ontologies or controlled vocabularies using artificial intelligence and machine learning-based proprietary algorithms.

Run on a web browser or mobile device

These innovative technologies and features are packed into a powerful and easy-to-use solution that you can securely run in your web browser or mobile device.

Ensuring standard practises

Provides a framework for organizational curation rules and workflows, ensuring standard practices in the curation process across teams in different locations, and providing a complete audit trail of all actions performed.

Multiple languages, multiple ontologies

Accurate gives you the opportunity to curate your datasets in multiple source languages and use the ontology of your choice. Accurate is extendable, and currently supports controlled vocabularies and ontologies such as SNOMED-CT, CheBi, HPO and NCIT.

Up and running in less than five minutes

Accurate is built for effortless learning and ease of use with an intuitive graphical user interface. You’ll be up and running in less than five minutes. In addition, we are always here to support you in learning more about data curation, ontologies, and taking data curation to the next level.

Save time and resources in your curation processes

Accurate is designed for any individual, team or organization that generates proprietary clinical or phenotypic data, or uses public or private clinical and phenotypic datasets. These are typically used in conjunction with other characterisation data, such as NGS data. Whether you are working within a pharma or biotech company, biobank or research, you can save time in the curation process and ensure the highest quality data – maximizing the value of your datasets in your current and future research.

Accurate deployment

  • Can be deployed on all servers, such as private server clusters and clouds, providing full control over data residency and security
  • Online access with the highest levels of data security
  • Easy integration with MediSapiens’ data management, data interpretation and digitization solutions
  • Works with any downstream data platform via a CSV-format data export function

When dealing with clinical, genomic and other biomedical data, spreadsheets, PDFs and files are not the answer. Whether you’re working with a small or huge amount of data, MediSapiens data management solutions ensure the utmost security, control, performance and convenience, enabling you to manage everything from the smallest clinical datasets to the largest genomic datasets and beyond.


Clinical and Phenotypic Data Management

Phenius is a highly secure data warehouse for clinical and phenotypic data on samples and patients. It can be used for storing, managing, querying and filtering this data efficiently for a large number of patients. You can encode data using ontologies of your choice, such as SNOMED-CT, NCIT, HPO, or ICD-10. Phenius also provides full programmatic access to data via REST APIs.

The perfect solution for storing and managing your data

Clinical and phenotypic data is the basis for any research, personalized medicine or diagnostic endeavor. Phenius provides you with a scalable solution to handle this data in a secure and convenient way. It provides integration of different data types from the same patient or sample, enabling convenient downstream use and data analysis. The solution supports longitudinal data and enriches your data with reference data on diseases and phenotypes.

Designed for better results and higher security

Ensuring the highest levels of security

Store a multitude of clinical and phenotypic data with ontologies built-in – and manage it with the highest levels of privacy and security.

Share and collaborate securely

Phenius enables you to manage users and permissions, enabling secure and controlled sharing and collaboration within the system.

Everything at your fingertips

Delivered with powerful and intuitive searching, filtering and retrieval functions, you’ll always find the information you need without effort, wherever you are.

Deploy with ease

Phenius is deployed on the server(s) of your choice and comes with an easy-to-use data management user interface and strict access controls.

Easily expandable

Thanks to its adaptive design, Phenius can be easily integrated with other Explorer™ Platform components, such as Accurate, the data curation solution, and Genius, the genomic data warehouse.

Enabling easier workflow

Phenius is a web-based solution with a user interface designed for ease of use. Once your data has been imported, managing access rights, searching and filtering data with any data field, and exporting for downstream use is only a few clicks away. No coding, no command line – unless you choose to use them!

For a wide variety of operators

Phenius is for anyone handling any quantity of clinical and phenotypic data. It can be used as a stand-alone warehouse for clinical and phenotypic data, or it can be extended by other Explorer Platform components, such as Accurate, Biond, or InsightFlow.


Genomic Data Management

Genius is your scalable warehouse for all genomic data. It enables the storing, managing, querying and filtering of several genomic data types efficiently for hundreds of thousands of samples. This easily expandable solution allows for managing users and permissions, enabling sharing and collaboration within the system. It also provides full programmatic access to data via REST APIs and a proprietary R API.

Making complex genomic data work for you

Genomic data can be big, complex and heterogeneous. All data use starts from having the data organized, secured, and readily accessible. Genius makes it easy to securely manage and control your genomic data. It provides integration of different data types from the same patient or sample, enabling convenient downstream use and analysis of data.

A perfect solution for managing your genomic data

With powerful search and discovery tools

Comes complete with powerful and intuitive searching, filtering and retrieval functions, so you’ll always find the data you need, wherever you are.

Import various data types

Genius supports these data types measured from DNA or RNA: Variant, DNA copy number, genomic rearrangement, gene fusion, chip-seq, methylation, sequencing coverage, gene and transcript expression, alternative splicing and single-cell RNA sequencing data.

Easy access to reference data

Get access to a variety of enriching reference data, such as variant annotations and variant effects, reference gene data, gene function data, and disease and phenotype associations.

For anyone handling genomic data

You can use Genius as a stand-alone, or extend it by other Explorer™ Platform components, such as Biond, or third-party analytical solutions. You’ll be also able to build single or multi-study cohorts with any genomic or other criteria.

Smoother workflow is only a few clicks away

Genius is a web-based solution with a user interface designed for ease of use. Once your data has been imported, managing access rights, searching for samples, filtering samples with any characterization data, and exporting created cohorts for downstream use is only a few clicks away. No coding, no command line – unless you want so!


Multi-Omics Data Management

Omicus is a comprehensive data management solution for multi-omics data. It stores various data types, such as metabolomics, compound screening and mass spectrometry data, and contains reference data from proteins, metabolites, drugs and chemical compounds. Omicus is easily expandable and enables the efficient storing, managing, querying and filtering of these data types. It also provides full programmatic access to data via REST APIs and a proprietary R API.

Dealing with multi-omics data has never been easier

Omicus brings deep integration and depth to managing rich characterization data from patients and samples. This highly scalable solution for small and large multi-omics datasets has a powerful and intuitive search, filtering and data retrieval function, so managing, accessing, finding and sharing your multi-omics data has never been easier. Together with Phenius and Genius, it gives you control over nearly all biomedical data types.

Designed to handle all your omics data types

Intuitive and interactive user interface

Omicus understands your data, and delivers it to you via an easy-to-use interface.

Search and filter your data more easily

Omicus gives you the power to query and filter your data, regardless of its size, with any data type and data point.

Scalable end extendable for all your needs

Through integration with other Explorer Platform modules, such as the curation and ontology solution, Accurate; the integrative analytics solution, Biond, and third-party analytical solutions, you can maximize the effectiveness of your data.

Enjoy greater ease of use

With an easy-to-use, web-based interface, Omicus fits anyone’s technical and financial capabilities. This is your one-stop shop for your multi-omics data.

For customers with a broad range of needs

Omicus is a solution for pharmaceutical companies, biobanks, researchers and diagnostic companies working with metabolomics, mass spectrometry, compound screening or other biomedical data types.


Turning big, complex and multidimensional datasets into insight is no simple task. Efficient data exploration and interpretation requires the most scalable and scientifically accurate analyses. When these are delivered in an intuitive, interactive, web-based solution, you have the power to analyze, visualize and make valuable discoveries.


Integrative Analysis Module

Biond is a powerful, interactive and comprehensive solution for the integrated exploration, analysis, and visualization of genomic, clinical and phenotypic and other biomedical data. Biond enables you to import, explore and analyze multiple data sets together with publication-ready visualizations, and gives you secure, precise control over users and data access rights.

Empowering your discovery projects and research

The ever-increasing amount of biomedical data means you need to address the challenges posed by data analysis and interpretation, not just data generation. New public and proprietary projects, such as national genome programs, are generating massive data resources – an invaluable resource to be explored for health discoveries. With Biond you can conveniently explore and analyze curated public data sets together with your own data sets – empowering your drug target and biomarker discovery projects as well as cohort and population research.

A perfect solution for data-driven research

For inspecting multiple data sets

Query and filter multiple data sets easily with the smallest details, such as clinical variables, overexpression, the presence of a certain variant, or whichever data field is available in the data sets.

Versatile and
visually rich

Perform various analyses and visualizations, and get enriching information. Examples include variant effect predictions, eQTL, known associations, and frequencies in different populations on variants.

Intuitive and interactive user interface

Biond simplifies analysis paths and lets you focus on the essential: turning data into discoveries.

All you need in a single place

The world is full of analytical tools, both proprietary and public. We certainly want you to be able to use tools that you know and trust. The easiness of Biond comes from integration: All the data you need is in a single place, in a curated and harmonized format, and you can access the most frequently used tools directly from the application and build your analysis paths with ease. We are here to help with the integration of your favorite tools via our APIs. Biond provides you with full programmatic access to all data via REST APIs and R API. Also, your data is not locked inside Biond, so you can always export the data you want.

Built for complex, multi-omics data

Biond brings an interactive and easy-to-use solution for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to biomarker and drug target discovery. It is also a powerful research solution for biobanks and institutions conducting cohort or population research. Biond makes it simple to tap into vast data sources, opening up new possibilities for experienced bioinformaticians as well as biologists, geneticists and other researchers without prior knowledge of bioinformatics.


Integrated NGS Pipeline Analysis

Bluebee is a partner of MediSapiens. Pipeline integrates the Explorer Platform to Bluebee platform.


Bluebee’s platform is a secure, scalable and convenient private cloud solution for the secondary analysis of your NGS data. It offers high-speed, configurable data analysis in private, secured local data centers that meet or exceed organizational and geographical data protection requirements.


An intuitive web-portal offers the flexibility to customize existing analysis pipelines, or to configure new pipelines using numerous available algorithms. Hand-held migration of existing internal and proprietary analysis pipelines and tools onto the platform is also offered. A library of readily available analysis pipelines that can be used to kick-start further customization is also available. Bluebee’s unique pay-per-sample model ensures that your secondary analysis needs are always met with the most cost-efficient solution.

Overcome the bottleneck

Data handling and analysis are increasingly becoming the bottlenecks of genomics. Their high computational capacity needs, IT administration burden and the time to run secondary analysis pipelines have made it cumbersome and costly to set up and run such analyses. Bluebee eliminates these problems by offering a private cloud-based, highly secure, configurable platform with no burden and no hassle.

The perfect solution for your next-generation sequencing needs

The power of

MediSapiens has partnered with Bluebee, an industry-leading NGS solution provider, to bring you this world-class solution for running secondary analysis pipelines.

Maximum efficiency and ease-of-use

The solution is quickly set up and integrated in your overall workflow, giving you maximum efficiency and ease-of-use in your analyses and research.

Full control over data residency

You have the power to select where your data is processed and stored, and you can be sure that your data is safe and will never be used or transferred, unless you choose to do so.

Unique pay-per-sample model

Ensuring no burden on IT administration falls on your shoulders.

Maximum performance and ease of use

Pipeline integrates the Bluebee platform directly with modules of the Explorer™ platform, such as Genius for variant storage and management, Biond for integrated discovery, and InsightFlow for interpretation and reporting of genomic alterations.


This is the go-to solution for anyone who needs to process raw genomic data through analysis pipelines, regardless of the size of your project.

Read more on Bluebee’s platform.


MediSapiens digitalization solutions can help you achieve genomic and diagnostic testing in a way that’s scalable, reproducible and competitive. As experts in digitalization, we bring the highest levels of automation, reproducibility, scalability and speed – our Explorer Platform brings the tools you need to your fingertips.


For genome data interpretation and reporting

InsightFlow™ is a fully configurable framework solution for automating the data flow, analysis, interpretation and reporting of desired findings from the genomes of individuals. InsightFlow continues from where NGS pipelines end and standardises and automates the interpretation of genomic results. InsightFlow is designed for companies and institutions that are building products or programs for precision medicine, personalized health, personalized nutrition or any other aspect of what a genome can reveal.

Driving the healthcare revolution

Our understanding of the human genome has increased greatly in recent years. Genomics is driving a transformation across many disciplines, and increasingly affects healthcare and lifestyle decisions. It is a crucial element in transforming healthcare from being reactive to predictive and preventative. Many healthcare facilities and companies are leveraging this knowledge to reveal actionable and interesting findings from individual people’s genomes. InsightFlow™ offers a convenient solution to build up your genome testing service.

A comprehensive solution for genome sequencing

Fully configurable solution

The solution can be configured to the specific findings and conditions you wish to interpret from a genome.

Visually stunning and easy-to-use

Builds beautiful reports that make sense to every target group – clinicians, patients or consumers.

Actionable end-to-end solution

A comprehensive framework for end-to-end management of your genome interpretation service.

One solution for many purposes

Enables the import of genomic data, variant annotation, as well as building and running automated variant interpretation pipelines, and reporting clear and actionable end results all the way to individuals or clinicians.

All you need to empower your initiative

InsightFlow is a one-stop shop to empower your precision medicine or personalized health initiative.

Better results with lower costs

Instead of transferring genome files from one place to another, managing the data of your customers in spreadsheets, using different analytical tools from different sources, and compiling reports by hand, InsightFlow automates the full analysis, management and reporting process, providing full scalability and reducing operating costs.

For a wide variety of operators

InsightFlow is designed for any company, healthcare institution or other facility that offers or plans to offer precision medicine, personalized health, nutrition, wellbeing or lifestyle guidance products based on genome sequencing.

Contact us for more details – we’re here to help in finding the relevant reference data sources, setting up the automated analysis and interpretation pipelines, developing interactive customer portals and creating reporting templates.


Digitalization and automation for diagnostics

DxFlow™ is a fully configurable framework solution for automating the data flow, analysis, interpretation and reporting of diagnostic and laboratory tests. DxFlow is built to automate the data handling of the diagnostic and laboratory workflow, data management and result analysis and reporting in graphical user interfaces and laboratory and customer portals.

Enabling easier and more efficient diagnostic testing

A myriad of diagnostic tests are performed daily for human, veterinary, agricultural, food and feed safety, and for many other samples. In many cases, the result analysis and data transfer is done manually, affecting the throughput, scalability and associated costs of running the tests. Digitalizing the customer and laboratory interface brings substantial value and competitive edge to your offering.

Comprehensive and easy-to-use solution

Automates your diagnostic processes

DxFlow automates data transfer, result analysis and reporting, with high quality and consistency, and adds the option of reporting test results within an online portal.

For end-to-end management

A comprehensive framework for end-to-end management of your diagnostic or laboratory tests, result analysis and reporting.

Fully configurable solution

Allows data import, management, automated analysis, quality control, and reporting in an online portal with full export capabilities.

Works with any testing technologies

Regardless of the technologies you use in your diagnostic or laboratory testing, DxFlow can automate and digitalize the process.

Helping you to do more with less

Instead of having data files on your server or local computer, using Excel or different analytical tools from different sources, and compiling reports by hand, DxFlow automates the full analysis, management and reporting process, providing full scalability and reducing operating costs.

Contact us to hear more

DxFlow is designed for any company, healthcare institution or other facility that offers or plans to offer diagnostic or laboratory testing kits, products or services.