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At MediSapiens, we cover the entire data value chain with solutions that help you ensure the quality of your data, analyze it for new discoveries and interpret the data for meaningful insights.

Data quality

Good decisions rely on good data

Data-driven decision making is key in today’s healthcare and bio-business. In order to make important decisions – be that in basic research, drug and diagnostics development or guiding medical care – the data you base those decisions on needs to be as high-quality as possible.

Our data curation solutions, based on our award-winning Accurate™ technology, enables you to make sure your data is the best it can be. Whether you are working with clinical, phenotypic, genomic or other biomedical data, our solutions enable data curation at scale, whether through direct healthcare system integration or machine learning-based structuring of unstructured data, making sure that you can concentrate on what‘s most important: new insights and discoveries.

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Finding the needle in a biomedical haystack

There is an explosion of data in the biomedical field, and the benefits will go to those that most efficiently use that data for new discoveries and decision making. Whether you work in basic research, drug development, healthcare or the biomedical field more broadly, MediSapiens’ Geniusis built to enable you to use all the biomedical data you need, in real time, to formulate and test hypotheses, power your data-driven business or just dive into the data to find something you did not expect.

We make the genomic and clinical data you need easily accessible and help you make the most of it, through easy management, exploration and analytics. Our Genius platform helps you to find insights from your biomedical data, allowing you to take the next important step – improve health.  Our solutions are highly scalable and designed to integrate seamlessly with any other systems you may be using, including our multi-omics analytical application Biond.

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Bringing your data to life

With the key information in your hands, the final step is to derive value out of those insights. MediSapiens can help you make insightful discoveries from complex data. Distilling complex data and analytics into easy-to-understand results, whether genomics to consumers or machine learning to patient care, is hard. Results need to be understandable by everyone from consumers to researchers to clinicians, often in a very short time, making clarity of presentation and customization by end user type key.

At MediSapiens, we understand both sides of the equation, both the data and analysis, as well as the end user needs. With our InsightFlow-based interpretation solutions MediSapiens provides you the ability to streamline and digitalize your diagnostics and genetic testing processes and deliver the most important information to your end users – easily and with clarity.

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