The MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite brings your biomedical data together under one roof

The software suite supports your workflow by integrating data from different sources together, allowing you to manage, query and analyze all the data in one single process.

The MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite offers you unprecedented flexibility in managing your data sources, combining them and integrating your favorite applications, ranging from command line interfaces to extensive graphical user interfaces.

Hosted in the cloud

Our Genomics Software Suite is highly scalable for very large data cohorts and ensures that your operating costs are optimized.

Our Genomics Software Suite offers substantial value for partners and clients in the following areas


Advantages of using the MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite for pharma users include:

  • Combine all genomic and phenotype datasets under one roof, for more informed insights
  • Higher value, genetically informed drug targets
  • Enable researchers to focus on key, value-generating knowledge creation
  • Power your research with favourite tools (directly via API, from CLI to GUI)
  • Understand your available genotype-phenotype associations, for instance through graphs and plots
  • Support clinical trials with granular selections of targeted patient cohorts
  • Work with standardized, structured, high quality, compatible data sets

Reference Case


MediSapiens is proud to be a trusted, long-standing partner of Bayer, providing them with multi-omics data management and analytics solutions to support their drug discovery operations. Together with Bayer, we developed an integrated management, analysis, and visualization solution for genomics, clinical and population-scale data – driving valuable insights in the early drug development phase by combining all these various data cohorts.

Hospital groups (IDNs)

The MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite helps clients integrate genomics as part of your EHR, LIMS and biobank solutions.

It provides your patient and research operations with a

  • Platform for consent-based biobank activities
  • Granular selection of patient cohorts w specific criteria (e.g. COVID-19, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, oncology)
  • Package and commercialize your data to the pharma industry
  • Bring all genomic and phenotype data under one roof
  • Ensuring standardized, structured, high quality data that can work together for better, faster insights
  • Combine genomic data with your electronic health records, biobank inventories and LIMS solutions

Reference Case



MediSapiens is a strategic partner for Terveystalo and its data operations: With the MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite, Terveystalo can integrate genomic data as part of its precision medicine and research operations, complementing clinical and other data with genomic information. MediSapiens provides Terveystalo with a full range of data quality, query, management and analytics applications for its preventive healthcare, biobanking and research operations.

Life Science

As a life science operator adding genomic capabilities, you are faced with the challenges of data storage, data querying and data integration: what kind of information is available in the genomic data and how do you combine it with your existing (clinical) data cohorts? The MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite offers you a plug-and-play solution to integrate genomics with your existing operations, enabling you to complement your clinical and other omics data with genomic data. 


  • Add genomic data capabilities to your operations
  • Harmonize genomic data from multiple sources with standardization and structure.
  • Complement your clinical and admin data with genomic and phenotype data
  • Improve efficiency in R&D
  • Granular selection of patient cohorts

Reference Case

Biobanking operations

MediSapiens has provided to multiple biobanking operations, such as Terveystalo, the MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite, enabling them to host, manage and apply genomic data from population programs. Combined with a powerful search engine, the biobank operations can build data cohorts to very detailed specifications in a matter of seconds, providing a real-time overview of what kind of cohorts are available for research with academia and pharma.

EHR providers

Healthcare operations are continuously adding new data sources to their operations, posing challenges how to host and integrate these data sources. With the Genomics Software Suite you can integrate genomic data capabilities (including the associated phenotype data) as a “plug-and-play” solution to your EHR operations, enabling your clients to rapidly expand your client’s operations and business model for personalized healthcare and research.


  • Enables growth opportunities with existing clients by adding genomic data capabilities
  • Include genomic data capabilities in EHR analytics
  • Integrates with client solution (whitelabel)
  • Complement clinical and admin data
  • Open new capabilities for personalized healthcare and research

Reference Case


MediSapiens has provided Innatoss with a flexible, growth capable data management solution for repetitive testing of Q-fever and Lyme disease. When the COVID-19 crisis broke out, Innatos and MediSapiens easily adapted the solution for the testing of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.


As genomic and population researchers you want to focus on the actual data, not setting up infrastructures to upload, clean and manage the data. The MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite provides a ready environment for research, enabling you to focus on the research, rather than the technology. With a flexible choice in interfaces (from CLI to GUI) and with features such as variant queries, polygenic risk scores and consent management, your research can focus on the data that you have.


  • Merge and combine datasets from different sources
  • Create multi-site research environments to share data securely
  • Integrate biobank and population research
  • Focus on key, value-generating knowledge creation, not infrastructure
  • Power your research with favourite tools (directly via API)
  • Include genomic data capabilities 
  • Complement clinical data with genomic and phenotype data
  • Open new capabilities for personalized healthcare and research
  • Granular selection of patient cohorts

Reference Case

Working with universities

MediSapiens is working together with a renowned university’s research center in the US, where the MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite is used to integrate population data with genomic and reference data to investigate relationships between different illness events. It allows the researchers to simulate and replicate previous calculations as well as calculate polygenic risk scores (PRS).