Petsofi Case Study: How MediSapiens helped build an Animal Health Platform to Facilitate Pet Owners’ Access to Animal Welfare Services

Having a great team and transparent communication can turn your ideas into a real application! Hats off to MediSapiens!

Building an animal health platform to facilitate pet owners’ access to animal welfare services is not easy when you have a complex architecture, rough database and, more importantly, only have ideas in your mind and want to turn them into a successfully running platform. Petsofi Oy, which brings together veterinarians and animal owners digitally, has successfully done this with the cooperation of MediSapiens last year. Petsofi makes the healthcare information chain easier, more accessible and cost-effective – beneficial for everyone. Petsofi’s goal is to promote animal health and well-being by providing a new generation of services to animal owners, vets and researchers.  Laura Laakso, CEO of Petsofi, took some of her valuable time to reflect on the cooperation with MediSapiens.

To make this real, we had initial ideas in our mind, with a very complex architecture. We wanted to collect data that we could turn into useful information to help animals’ health better,

Laura sums up.

Petsofi deals with the pet market and serves their customers globally.  The key focus of the company is to improve the life of animals and humans as well, to provide high value diagnostics, products and services with an emphasis on health and services.

When asked about the main challenges in the project with MediSapiens, Laura remarked: “Explaining that you are making something practical and real for our customers is always more difficult when you have a complex data architecture. It can be very difficult to explain what we want for our customers because we have a very broad customer range with different focus groups who have different needs. But when you have such a good partner who commits everything into making it happen, then things become simple and easy. The MediSapiens team consists of fantastic coders who understand Petsofi’s language very well, are extremely professional and committed to their work. We did multiple rounds of conceptualizing on whiteboards which went very well. We used transparent agile, iterations, and project meetings so that we would all be on the same page.”

The MediSapiens team possesses the right mindset, and have all the capabilities in-house to turn customer needs into a real solution which is very cost-efficient, flexible, highly powerful and scalable. Not only this, you guys have made our platform so intuitive and interactive that our veterinary users just love to use it. Our customers count clicks and if they feel there are a lot then they start complaining. So we try to keep as few clicks as possible. I think we succeeded quite well, we don’t get complaints about the number of clicks! I’m extremely happy with the results!

Petsofi is very pleased with the overall collaboration with MediSapiens and the results which came out of the collaboration. “I would like to thank MediSapiens for this collaboration. It has been very good, easy and productive. There were some ups and downs like all projects have normally at some point, but we discussed the open points, took time to understand, communication was very open, and we were lucky enough to have such a good team of professionals. I like the iterative way of working where we went back and forth to build good things together.”

Petsofi knew about MediSapiens’ other projects with other customers and got a good reference. “Also, we have seen you working on MyDogDNA for Genoscoper from where we’ve got really good references and feedback that also build trust!” Laura comments.

The main benefits of our collaboration as per Laura was to “Making it real and now it’s live!”

We’ve launched the service which started very quickly, did our first demo in Slush conference 2016 from where we got a really good response and our first research customers.

With the successful collaboration of Petsofi with MediSapiens, Petsofi plans to scale the platform for pets to a human version as well, for which the name of the platform is “Medsofi”.

MediSapiens have a very deep understanding of their customers and a professional team to work with, with amazing analytical insights and scientific expertise! Great guys to work with!

Laura concludes.

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