Data-driven preventive healthcare and genomics: Terveystalo


Terveystalo, the largest private healthcare provider in Finland, provides healthcare to over a million patients annually. It operates with approximately 4.7 million unique patients and has its own biobank operation. In addition, it has provided samples to the FinnGen study, a national program in Finland to genotype around 10% of the Finnish population by 2023. Terveystalo and MediSapiens have been closely cooperating since 2018 to further evolve the data-driven healthcare and research operations of Terveystalo and its biobank.

Terveystalo is using the ever-increasing amount of biomedical data for advancing Precision Medicine, research, and cooperation with pharmaceutical companies for clinical trials and drug development.  To support the effective use of all these data sources, MediSapiens has provided Terveystalo with an AWS-based IT solution package to combine the different data sources, such as patient data, sample data in the biobank and genomics. Using the MediSapiens solution package hosted on an EU-based AWS server, Terveystalo can query millions of patients in a matter of seconds according to very detailed questions, such as disease, gender, level of consent and the availability of samples and genomic data. This allows Terveystalo to build cohorts for research, clinical trials, but also for reporting.

The solution package provided by MediSapiens gives Terveystalo a scalable AWS-based platform to integrate genomics as part of its operations: genomic information can be securely stored, processed, and applied in combination with the other data available, opening new opportunities to use data for data-driven, preventive healthcare and research.

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