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Bayer: Driving insights through NGS analytics and management

The cooperation between MediSapiens and Bayer goes back to the start of MediSapiens in 2009. Since then, MediSapiens has been a trusted, long-standing partner of Bayer, providing them with large-scale data management and analytics solutions and services.

One of the largest and long-lasting projects with Bayer has been the joint-development of a data solution for the integrated management, analysis, and visualization of Bayer’s NGS and clinical data – driving valuable insights in the early drug discovery phase. Optimized to use different data sets together, it enables Bayer researchers to combine data from different sources and query it together, saving time and improving the insights gained from the different data. Adapted to the specific requirements of researchers, it comes with both an elaborate graphical user interface and the option to query data using command lines, making it adaptable and flexible to any use case that might come across.

To support the different sources of data and ensure they are compatible with each other, MediSapiens included data quality processes as part of the solution: each data set is verified according to set standards, so that all data can seamlessly work together.