Privacy Policy

MediSapiens may collect information of its customers, including personal information. MediSapiens processes such personal information for the purposes of providing you with the services of MediSapiens, including communication with you, improving, developing and ensuring the quality of the services and maintaining an adequate responsiveness to the related needs of the users.

Your personal information may be disclosed to third parties only upon your consent, or based on provision of law entitling such disclosure. In addition to the personal information collected when you register to the service, the service may use technology that lets MediSapiens collect certain technical information like your internet protocol address, your computer’s operating system, and your browser type and version. Personal information submitted to MediSapiens shall be processed by MediSapiens on servers controlled by MediSapiens and located in Finland.

If you have submitted personal information to MediSapiens, You have the right at any time to request MediSapiens to (i) remove such personal information, (ii) correct any errors in your personal information, including removing of any false, unnecessary or outdated data or information or (iii) update such personal information. This right does not cover certain service and purchase related information which is necessary to maintain in order for MediSapiens to provide the agreed services. For these purposes of the above you may request to review your personal information maintained by MediSapiens.

These requests may be directed to MediSapiens strives to ensure the security of its data systems in accordance with generally accepted practice and prevent unauthorised access to its systems. The internet and internet-based services are not completely secure, however, and you are responsible for ensuring the appropriate protection of your own computer systems and internet connections.