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MediSapiens releases 1.1 version of Genomics Software Suite

After the successful launch of the MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite (GSS) in February 2021, we are excited to announce the release of the much advanced GSS 1.1 version!

Based on the operational feedback of our users and our development roadmap, GSS 1.1 offers improved capabilities, tool integration and features to support pharma, hospital groups, academia, and life science operators in their data-driven research using a wide variety of omics data. Use cases such as developing, validating and applying polygenic risk scores or querying large cohorts of data with precise details (e.g. clinical and genomic filters) have become easier and more elaborate.

GSS provides a scalable, adaptable solution for data-driven operations that allows you to use large cohorts of data with low operating costs. GSS offers you great flexibility in managing your data sources, combining them and integrating your favorite applications, ranging from command line interfaces to extensive graphical user interfaces. 

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