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MediSapiens launches Genomics Software Suite

Helsinki, 2. February, 2021

MediSapiens Ltd is proud to announce the launch of its MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite (GSS), a high-performance, cloud-based genomics back-end solution enabling genomic and clinical data integration and analytics.

MediSapiens GSS is the culmination of 12 years of experience in providing biomedical data solutions for clients such as Bayer AG and Terveystalo, the largest private healthcare provider in Finland. It follows the trend of the ever-increasing amount of genomic data available to healthcare, pharma and population research, enabling the genomic data to be combined with clinical and other omics data for better, more informed insights. GSS is scalable, cost-effective, adaptive to the specific needs of its users, and it utilizes industry standard technologies.

GSS opens up new opportunities in drug discovery, personalized medicine and population research, enabling, for example, granular cohort building, integration of risk scores, patient consent and variant queries and integration with different user interfaces. 

Nils Effertz, CEO of MediSapiens, comments that “We are very excited about launching GSS, which bundles many of the capabilities we have built up over the past decade. The powerful combination of genomic, phenotypic, and other biomedical data using our scalable, cloud-based solution opens up new opportunities and insights for pharma, life science and provider organizations. We have robust capabilities in applying risk scores, finding specific variants and building detailed cohorts, adding significant value for our current and future clients. GSS truly advances our mission to “turn biomedical data into knowledge!”.

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