MediSapiens and Predicell announce cooperation in RWE and Genomics data for healthcare applications

MediSapiens and Predicell (Helsinki and Espoo, Finland) are excited to announce their cooperation in combining AI-driven solutions for (preventive) healthcare using wearables with genomics data capabilities. The cooperation will address the key challenges in fully utilizing all the available RWE and genomic data for the benefit of patients: identify risks and prevent these in time. The joint MediSapiens-Predicell cooperation will also improve the ease of access to different data sources, enabling clinicians to reduce time and increase data-driven decision making.

““We are highly excited to adapt MediSapiens´ expertise, experiences and know-how for genomic data management and insight with Predicell. With combined competences and networks, we see excellent opportunities to help healthcare innovators, providers and authorities in the challenging dilemma of care demand and supply. The future proof care is preventive care” says Aki Kuivalainen, CEO of Predicell.

“We have been very excited to partner with Predicell, joining the MediSapiens genomics capabilities with Predicell’s AI and RWE collecting know-how “ says Hans Garritzen, VP of Sales at MediSapiens. “By combining RWE and genomics data, more informed outcomes, insights and risk assessments can be provided for patients, clinicians and researchers alike “

Media contact and inquiries:

Hans Garritzen, VP sales

Medisapiens Oy , p. +358 45 847 8878


Predicell is health data management company based in Espoo, Finland. Predicell works for better healthcare&welfare services by ecosystems, data platform, analytics and preventive care paths.

MediSapiens provides software solutions to clients in the biomedical field. Our solutions turn biomedical data into new insights and knowledge. Our clients range from global pharmaceutical companies and leading healthcare organizations to research groups, population programs and start-ups.

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