MediSapiens Partners with Modul-Bio to Provide an All-Round Biobanking Capability

MediSapiens partners with Modul-Bio to provide biobanks an all-round capability in managing, sharing and commercializing their samples and data.

Helsinki, Finland – January 23, 2019 – MediSapiens, a leading developer and provider of genomic, biomedical and health data solutions, has partnered with Modul-Bio, a leading provider of solutions for biological sample management, Biobank Information Management Systems (BIMS) and collaborative tools for sharing biological sample collections. With the partnership the two companies aim to complement each other’s solutions for biobanking, providing biobanks an all-round capability in managing, sharing and commercializing their samples and data.

Modul-Bio provides specifically designed software solutions for Biological Resource Centres, cohort projects, biotechnology and cosmetics firms as well as diagnostic companies. The company has earned the recognition of commercial clients, academic clients and hospitals with experience in supporting biobanking operations. MediSapiens provides novel solutions for biomedical and health data, enabling clients to get true value out of their data. Among its clients are both public and commercial biobanks, using MediSapiens’ solutions to curate, manage, query and share data with researchers, pharmaceuticals and healthcare providers.

“We’re very enthusiastic to work with Modul-Bio”, states Hans Garritzen, Sales Director of MediSapiens. “By joining the expertise from MediSapiens and Modul-Bio we are able to support the biobanking field with an end-to-end solution for sample and data management and make new insights easily available.”

“We are dedicated to continuing to provide solutions to expand and improve the industry”, comments Mike Woodward, Business Development Manager at Modul-Bio. ”It is exciting to co-operate with MediSapiens to further these goals.“


About MediSapiens

MediSapiens Ltd. is a Bio-IT and bioinformatics company specialized in pharmaceutical research and translational genomics, providing life science and biomedical companies and research organizations with tools that help them manage and interpret large genomic, biomedical and clinical data sets. Established in 2009 and based in Helsinki, Finland and Cambridge, Massachusetts, MediSapiens creates intuitive software platforms to manage, integrate, and visualize complex multi-dimensional datasets, such as genomic sequencing data. The company’s goal is to drive medicine forward by developing tools that provide scientists with a way to quickly analyze and visualize vast amounts of data and turn it into knowledge that fuels innovation.

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Contact MediSapiens

Hans Garritzen
Sales Director, MediSapiens Ltd.
Phone: +358 45 847 8878


About Modul-Bio

Modul-Bio is an innovative company specialized in informatics solutions for biological sample management providing barcoding systems, BIMS software and collaborative tools for sharing biological sample collections. Headquarters are based in Marseille, France with an office in England, UK. Modul-Bio offers three flexible and customisable solutions to optimize biological resource management and tracking. Whether of human, animal or microbiological origin, collections of samples are fully managed through to publication on the web.

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Contact Modul-Bio 

Mike Woodward
Business Development Manager, Modul-Bio
Phone: +44 (0)734 083 1127

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