MediSapiens Celebrates Success with 10-Year Anniversary

MediSapiens has achieved another major milestone as the company is celebrating 10 years in business.

There can’t be any better way to kick off 2019 – New Year, new major milestone!

We are happy to announce that MediSapiens has achieved another major milestone as the company is celebrating 10 years in business. MediSapiens was founded in Jan 2009 by researchers of the Finnish Institute of Molecular Medicine, and today has offices in Helsinki, Finland and Cambridge, MA, USA.

With a strong scientific background in bioinformatics and genomics, MediSapiens has grown to be a company with a team of more than 30 professionals. Ever since we started, the underlying goal of MediSapiens has been to facilitate the usage, analysis and interpretation of biomedical data by powerful digital and data technologies with the help of visual, intuitive web-based user interfaces. This sentiment has enabled us to grow and expand our services and solutions across life science and biomedical businesses and research.

“Wow. Ten years. It’s been an incredible ride, yet I feel really excited, both from what is behind and what is coming. I am really happy to see MediSapiens reach the 10-year landmark, we have gone a long way, learned so much and I feel very excited about our future”, says Sami Kilpinen, the CEO of MediSapiens.

To our clients, he has a message: “I’m so appreciative and honored to work with our clients. This could not have been possible without our customers. I would like to thank our clients for their belief in us and our abilities to help them achieve their goals and vision of success, while always challenging us to be better.”

“We are thrilled to mark a full decade of MediSapiens”, said Sami Kilpinen. “But we are always looking to the future—both for the company and our customers. We are proud to look back at our fascinating journey of having completed 10 years in business with our growing list of valued customers, partners and exceptional in-house talent. We can’t wait for the upcoming years as we strongly believe that the biggest accomplishments and innovations of this field are still to come!”

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