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MediSapiens Awarded €0.5 Million Business Finland Funding for Next-Generation Clinical Data Curation

MediSapiens has been awarded €0.5 million funding from Business Finland, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, for the development of a next-generation clinical data curation and management solution. This funding will help MediSapiens finalize the development of the next version of its Accurate™ data curation and Phenius™ data management modules.


The novel solutions will cater to the increasing demand from the healthcare market in large-scale and real-time continuous data curation for the massive data amounts currently stored in electronic health records and other healthcare information systems. Healthcare organizations globally increasingly focus on the quality of data used for healthcare processes and research. This information can be used both for offering the highest-quality healthcare services as well as the development of new targeted therapies and disease prevention.


MediSapiens’ developments aim to raise clinical data quality and usability to a new standard and provide secure data management functions to utilize the data for research and for quality assurance purposes in a scalable, user-friendly and cost-effective manner. The current version of MediSapiens’s clinical data curation solution Accurate™ is a first-to-market solution enabling convenient and biologically, scientifically and medically oriented tools for researchers to ensure that the quality of data used in their research is of the highest possible standard. Within the project supported by Business Finland, these technologies will be applied to the curation and management of clinical data in a continuous-flow clinical setting.


Building upon its foundation of artificial intelligence solutions already available in the current version of Accurate™, MediSapiens will dedicate substantial resources in further development of AI and machine learning algorithms, bringing structure to unstructured data by ensuring a smooth, reliable, accurate and automated experience in both curating highly complex and heterogeneous clinical data, as well as managing, querying and analyzing it for new healthcare, therapeutic and preventative medicine innovations.


With the support from Business Finland, MediSapiens is able to further develop these key solutions for next-generation clinical data curation and management, and help clinicians worldwide in their work in providing the highest quality healthcare and scientists in making the discoveries that will shape the future of healthcare.