Medfiles Partners With MediSapiens to Add Genomics Capabilities to Their Service Stack

Helsinki, Finland – October 3, 2019 – MediSapiens, a leading developer and provider of genomic, biomedical and health data solutions, has partnered with Medfiles, the first private CRO and the biggest CRO by the range of services in Finland, to support their vast service stack with genomic capabilities as well as data quality assurance technologies.

Medfiles offers its customers a market-leading “one-stop-shop” service package and as genomics is taking a stronger foothold in healthcare, Medfiles is at the forefront being one of the first CROs to expand genomic capabilities into their service portfolio with the support of MediSapiens’ genomics platform Genius. MediSapiens’ comprehensive experience of working with solutions for genomic data makes it possible to seamlessly integrate to Medfiles’ processes and unlock broader research services to their customers.

In addition to the genomic capabilities, MediSapiens is supporting Medfiles with data curation and quality assurance technologies. As a CRO, Medfiles works with large amounts of data from different providers and this can lead to inconsistencies in the content as well as interoperability challenges between the available datasets. As an expert of data curation and data quality assurance MediSapiens supports Medfiles with technologies, such as Accurate, to help guarantee that Medfiles can work with the highest quality data that is made fit for the specific purpose of the project and ensure the best results for their customers.

“We are very happy to launch our co-operation with Medfiles as it brings MediSapiens new insights into the practical challenges of a world class CRO with Real World Data as well as their forward-looking endeavors to integrate genomics as part of their solutions portfolio”, comments Sami Kilpinen, CEO of MediSapiens. “With our co-operation, Medfiles can further develop its data quality capabilities, using our Accurate technology and RWD-optimized data models such as OMOP. In addition, MediSapiens is proud to provide Medfiles with its scalable, cost-effective genomics platform, Genius, to support their operations.”

“Awareness of, and interest in, genomic data obtained from clinical studies are growing all the time. Genomic biomarkers, as well as real world data collected during and after the clinical phase, will be valuable to optimize patient therapy, design more efficient studies, and inform drug labelling in the near future.”, says Tuija Keinonen, President and CEO of Medfiles. “The collaboration with MediSapiens enables us to offer our clients modern solutions for collecting and storing genomic data, leading to better and even more valuable outcomes.”


About MediSapiens

MediSapiens Ltd. is a Bio-IT and bioinformatics company specialized in pharmaceutical research and translational genomics, providing life science and biomedical companies and research organizations with tools that help them manage and interpret large genomic, biomedical and clinical data sets. Established in 2009 and based in Helsinki, Finland and Cambridge, Massachusetts, MediSapiens creates intuitive software platforms to manage, integrate, and visualize complex multi-dimensional datasets, such as genomic sequencing data. The company’s goal is to drive medicine forward by developing tools that provide scientists with a way to quickly analyze and visualize vast amounts of data and turn it into knowledge that fuels innovation.

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Hans Garritzen
Sales Director, MediSapiens Ltd.
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About Medfiles

Established in 1987 in Kuopio, Medfiles was the first private CRO in Finland. The company of 5 private shareholders and 4 employees has now grown into a business with up to 150+ experts. Today Medfiles is the biggest CRO in Finland by the range of services. At first, we operated only in the Nordic and Baltic countries, now we have an extensive network of carefully chosen CRO partners in numerous Western, Central and Eastern European countries, Asian countries and the United States to accommodate your individual needs and requirements. Our driving values in all business are Flexibility, Fairness and Freshness. These are the cornerstones of our way of operation and collaboration. Our mission is to develop more efficient, safer and cost-effective health care products with quality. We aim to create better and healthier future together.

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Tuija Keinonen
President & CEO
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