“” MediSapiens Joins EU Gateway Mission week in Japan


MediSapiens Joins The Healthcare & Medical Technologies Mission week in Japan

03 Apr 2018
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MediSapiens has been selected as one of the 40 European companies to join the EU Gateway Healthcare & Medical Technologies mission in Tokyo, Japan, 16-20 April. We are excited to join this event to learn more about the opportunities in this interesting market and to meet potential customers and partners during the mission week and two business exhibition days at Medtech 2018.


Japan remains globally the third largest economy after the US and China and the main industries in the country include computers, consumer electronics and pharmaceuticals. With an expanding middle class, prevalence of chronic disease and an aging population, the healthcare costs of the nation are estimated to grow considerably in the upcoming years, creating a rising demand for more efficient technologies and new innovations in the life science field to reduce the upcoming healthcare costs. As a result the healthcare and biotechnology market in Japan is growing rapidly and this is creating great opportunities for European companies like MediSapiens already working on in this field.

Precision medicine and individualized, preventive care is globally a growing trend that is also gaining ground in the Japanese market. With software solutions tailored for precision medicine, MediSapiens can help organizations working in the life science industry to enable automated data flow, analysis and reporting of genomic testing and through these steps help to implement genomic medicine into everyday healthcare to further better health. With solutions such as Accurate and Biond, MediSapiens helps pharmaceutical companies worldwide to use continuously increasing amounts of genomic and other biomedical data in drug target and biomarker discovery processes.


MediSapiens is looking forward to attending The EU Gateway mission week in Tokyo to meet potential customers and partners in the Japanese life science market. The mission week offers a unique opportunity for European companies to participate and collaborate with clusters focusing on biotechnology and we are excited to attend the event to learn more about the Japanese market and to explore and establish new long-term partnerships and collaborations!