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MediSapiens Joins Finnish Health Delegation Visit to Switzerland

11 Sep 2018
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MediSapiens is excited to join the Team Finland delegation visit to Switzerland September 17-19, led by Ms. Annika Saarikko, the Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services of Finland. During the visit, MediSapiens has the opportunity to learn about the personalized medicine agenda of Roche and Novartis and discuss business opportunities.


The delegation visit is very topical following the announcements of large-scale genomic initiatives around the world. MediSapiens has worked for several years on the forefront of large-scale platforms combining clinical and genomic data for pharmaceutical research and is excited to explore future opportunities with Roche and Novartis.


Team Finland is a network of public sector actors providing internationalization services and aims to provide businesses with a smooth service chain, ranging from advice services to financing. During the delegation visit, Team Finland has arranged opportunities for companies like MediSapiens to attend in meetings, scientific seminars and networking events with representatives from Roche and Novartis.