“” MediSapiens Joins the EU Gateway Business Mission to Singapore and Vietnam


MediSapiens Joins the EU Gateway Healthcare & Medical Technologies Business Mission to Singapore and Vietnam

03 Jun 2019
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MediSapiens is excited to join the EU Gateway Healthcare & Medical Technologies Business Mission to Singapore and Vietnam, 29th July – 3rd August 2019. The 5-day mission offers unique possibilities for the participating companies to explore the opportunities these South East Asian hubs can provide and meet with potential local partners. The EU Gateway program is part of the European Union’s effort to deepen economic interaction and cooperation between Europe and Asia.

South East Asia is one of the areas where the demand of healthcare and medical technologies has been increasing significantly in the last years, due to aging populations, changes in public healthcare, increase in chronic diseases and changes in the lifestyles of the populations. This increase in the technology demands makes the area attractive for software and technology providers like MediSapiens. During the visit our team has the opportunity to network and meet up with potential business partners to showcase our solutions and technologies in pre-scheduled meetings. In addition to that, the participating companies will have the chance to exhibit at the Medi Pharm Expo 2019, one of the biggest events of pharmaceutical and medical equipment and technologies in the area.

MediSapiens is looking forward to this exciting mission to learn more about the opportunities the markets in Singapore and Vietnam have to offer. With a wide range of solutions and technologies already used by multiple customers in the field of healthcare and life sciences, MediSapiens is ready to explore the potential partnerships and collaborations this mission can provide.