“” MediSapiens Takes Part in the Finnish Business Delegation Visit to the United Kingdom


MediSapiens Takes Part in the Finnish Business Delegation Visit to the United Kingdom

12 Jan 2018
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On January 15-17, 2018, MediSapiens will join the Team Finland Business Delegation visit to the United Kingdom. The official delegation is led by Ms. Annika Saarikko, the Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services of Finland. During the visit, MediSapiens will have a great opportunity to meet with leading entities and their representatives in the healthcare sector. The Finnish Business Delegation visit brings together Finnish industry experts to promote Finnish health industry advances in the UK.


Team Finland is a network of public sector actors providing internationalization services and aims to provide businesses with a smooth service chain, ranging from advice services to financing. Team Finland has identified UK to be one of the top target markets for the Finnish health industry and the delegation visit allows specialist companies like MediSapiens to explore new collaboration and business opportunities in the UK market.


The UK is a pioneer in the field of genomics research, with its large scale projects such as The 100,000 Genomes Project and the UK Biobank  data set, including the recent news on a pharma industry funded project of exome sequencing 500,000 volunteer participants. The Finnish Business Delegation visit enables MediSapiens to explore the growing market in the UK and to scope for international co-operations and business opportunities to benefit all parties involved.


With a strong background of working in the life science software industry, MediSapiens has recently joined to the FinnGen project to provide end-to-end software solutions to the research project. The FinnGen project aims to enhance human health through genetically profiling 500.000 Finns, and combining that with a rich set of clinical data to identify new therapeutic targets, as well as diagnostic and prognostic markers for treating numerous diseases. MediSapiens will be an active technology partner in the project, providing software solutions to the entire data value chain from data curation to data management, data exploration, and all the way to analyzing and interpreting the data gathered in the project. Further, MediSapiens has recently partnered with The Mealplanner in utilizing data to prevent type 2 diabetes.


With strong know-how of working in projects involving big, heterogeneous and complex data, MediSapiens is delighted to learn more about the advances in the UK and explore joint opportunities.