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MediSapiens has extensive experience of working with many pharmaceutical companies, offering web-based, integrated drug target discovery and other preclinical research solutions for harmonized data access, secure data management and collaborative innovation for new drugs and biomarkers.

Explore the largest and highest-quality data sets available

Our Explorer Platform meets the need for highly scalable, big-data native solutions. Through years of diligent data curation, we also offer expert-curated and harmonized publicly available data sets as reference data within our solutions.

MediSapiens brings the power of integration to your fingertips. Biologists and researchers are empowered to tap into valuable biomedical data resources through interactive, visual user interfaces.

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MediSapiens has years of expertise in enabling diagnostic businesses to grow and scale via modern, web-based solutions. Our solutions have helped many organizations to automate and digitalize their workflow – from test ordering to delivering results to clinicians and patients.

Digitalize the entire data flow

A typical diagnostic workflow comprises many steps: from sampling and logistics to wet lab processing, and finally data analysis and result reporting. Each step requires diligence and the utmost focus on quality and reproducibility. In many cases, much emphasis is placed on streamlining samples flow. However, streamlining the data flow can be just as important, or an even higher priority.

The Explorer Platform enables adaptive and fully flexible configuration for digitalizing the entire data flow with appropriate quality controls. Moreover, it adapts to specific analytical technologies, such as qPCR, SNP array, capillary electrophoresis and NGS technologies.

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Precision Medicine

Offering targeted treatment tailored to specific individuals, precision medicine has the potential to change the fundamentals of disease treatment and prevention. MediSapiens can help you build a precision medicine initiative based around your precise requirements.

Making the promise of precision medicine a reality

Today’s genomic discoveries enable tomorrow’s promise of genomic precision medicine, and healthcare organizations are at the forefront of enacting this promise. We serve healthcare organizations by providing platforms that enable automated data flow, analysis and reporting of genomic testing, making it convenient to build your precision medicine initiatives and implement genomic medicine in practice.

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MediSapiens supports companies in animal and translational multi-omics research, genetic testing solutions and end-to-end real-life data platforms.

Transforming data into better animal health

Animal health can be improved by many approaches: developing better diagnostics, helping vets make better-informed decisions by supplying actionable knowledge, harnessing the power of real-life animal data, and using large genomic data for a better understanding of disease traits.

MediSapiens has partnered with several leading and innovative animal health companies and research institutions to provide the best tools for transforming a variety of data into improved animal health.

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MediSapiens provides world-class platforms for secure and efficient biobank data management, sharing and research.

Ensuring high-quality, harmonized data sets

Under various legislation, the use of biobank data for research is allowed with donor consent. We provide biobanks with platforms that enable the curation of clinical data to ensure high quality and harmonization of clinical data sets, solutions to manage clinical data, genomic data and other omics or other characterization data.

Fine-grained user- and access-rights management enables the sharing of relevant sample cohorts and data, as well as collaborative access to search, filter, explore and analyze the data.

Genomic programs

MediSapiens can help you create, curate, and manage genomic programs of all sizes, enabling you to analyze and interpret data more effectively.

Maximize the potential of your program with end-to-end tools

Multiple national and multinational genomic programs are conducted to promote the understanding of health and diseases. These programs may range from targeted cohort studies of tens or hundreds of patients focused on a specific disease, to population-scale programs where the genomes of several hundred thousand people are sequenced or genotyped.

Whatever the size of your program, the Explorer Platform empowers you with end-to-end tools for analyzing, curating, managing, exploring and interpreting the data. It also enables secure and controlled collaborative research and data sharing.