IST Online during 2020

While we are always looking ahead and we look forward what 2021 brings for us, it is also nice to see what kind of results were achieved during 2020. And while we especially look at successful projects, product development, our new office and new website, we also always check if IST Online has been useful in research projects all over the world.

For those of you not familiar with IST Online, this is one of the largest fully integrated and annotated human gene expression data sources available in the world and available for free at A premium version, with some additional features, is also available.

This year we were again happy to see a very good number of publications appear during 2020 that benefited from the IST Online data and we would like to thank all the researchers for referring to IST in their publications. You can find the publications below.

If you would like to know more about IST Online, go to the website or contact us at

  • PROX1 transcription factor is a master regulator of myogenic and oncogenic features of rhabdomyosarcoma, Nebeyu Yosef Gizaw, Pauliina Kallio, Tatjana Punger, Matias Kinnunen, Erika Gucciardo, Kaisa Lehti, Caj Haglund, Tom Böhling, Markku Varjosalo, Mika Sampo, Kari Alitalo,  View ORCID ProfileRiikka Kivelä,
  • Altered glycosylation of glycodelin in endometrial carcinoma, Laura C. Hautala, Poh-Choo Pang, Aristotelis Antonopoulos, Annukka Pasanen, Cheuk-Lun Lee, Philip C. N. Chiu, William S. B. Yeung, Mikko Loukovaara, Ralf Bützow, Stuart M. Haslam, Anne Dell & Hannu Koistinen,
  • DPEP1 expression promotes proliferation and survival of leukaemia cells and correlates with relapse in adults with common B cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, Jia‐Min Zhang  Yan Xu  Robert P. Gale  Li‐Xin Wu  Jing Zhang  Yong‐Huai Feng  Ya‐Zhen Qin  Hao Jiang  Qian Jiang  Bin Jiang  Yan‐Rong Liu  Yu‐Hong Chen  Yu Wang  Xiao‐Hui Zhang  Lan‐Ping Xu  Xiao‐Jun Huang  Kai‐Yan Liu  Guo‐Rui Ruan,
  • ZEB1/miR-200c/AGR2: A New Regulatory Loop Modulating the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Lung Adenocarcinomas, Lucia Sommerova, Eva Ondrouskova, Andrea Martisova, Vassilis Zoumpourlis, Sotirios Galtsidis and Roman Hrstka,
  • Neurocan as a prognostic marker in Merkel Cell Carcinoma, Salmikangas, Marko Erkki Kristian,
  • Expression of Genes Related to Lipid Handling and the Obesity Paradox in Melanoma: Database Analysis, Claudia Giampietri, PhD ; Luana Tomaipitinca, PhD ; Francesca Scatozza, PhD ; Antonio Facchiano, MD,
  • PIM1 accelerates prostate cancer cell motility by phosphorylating actin capping proteins, Niina M. Santio, Veera Vainio, Tuuli Hoikkala, Kwan Long Mung, Mirka Lång, Riitta Vahakoski, Justyna Zdrojewska, Eleanor T. Coffey, Elena Kremneva, Eeva-Marja Rainio & Päivi J. Koskinen,
  • Identication and Exploration of Serine Peptidase Inhibitor Kazal Type 1 (SPINK1) as a Potential Biomarker Correlated with the Progression of NonSmall Cell Lung Cancer,
  • Xinxin Zhang, Rongshuang Ai, Zhiqiang Ding, Zimeng Wang, Qian He, Yilin Dong, Yiting Zhu, Wenzhong Ouyang, Yujuan He,
  • A New Family of Jumonji C Domain-Containing KDM Inhibitors Inspired by Natural Product Purpurogallin, José A. Souto, Federica Sarno, Angela Nebbioso, Chiara Papulino, Rosana Álvarez, Jessica Lombino, Ugo Perricone, Alessandro Padova, Lucia Altucci, and Ángel R. de Lera,
  • Tumor cell endogenous HIF-1α activity induces aberrant angiogenesis and interacts with TRAF6 pathway required for colorectal cancer development, Jesus F.Glaus Garzon, Chiara Pastrello, Igor Jurisica, Michael O. Hottiger, Roland H. Wenger, Lubor Borsig,

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