Innatoss Case Study – How an Efficient Database Solution Helped to Improve Quality in Lyme Borreliosis Diagnostics

Efficient management and analysis of biomedical data is not a simple task, and especially in the field of diagnostics the importance of secure and scalable solutions to handle the data in effective workflows is key to success.

Innatoss Laboratories, a research organization building innovative diagnostics for infectious diseases such as Q fever and Lyme disease, realized that as the amount of data they handled kept increasing, they needed to update their toolbox. “When we started, Excel was good enough to handle our data. However, when both our business and the amount of data grew, we recognized that we needed a new system that stores our data in a secure way, and that enables us to get more information out of our data.” Commented Milou Kouwijzer, the Quality and Information Manager of Innatoss.

Innatoss Laboratories serves its customers in the European market, especially in their home country Netherlands. Their focus on intracellular infections will provide new insights in the immune response against those bacterial infections. This will pave the way to new solutions for other diseases as well.

MediSapiens and Innatoss Laboratories joined forces through a PERMIDES (Personalised Medicine Innovation through Digital Enterprise Solutions) project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 691546. The collaboration was launched with a consultancy project that allowed the companies to explore the challenges and build a base for the partnership in a risk-free environment. “We were really happy with the PERMIDES project and being able to launch our cooperation project with MediSapiens. This was preceded by a travel voucher, matchmaking event, and consultancy voucher that helped us get the collaboration started.” Kouwijzer remarks.

The aim of the partnership was to build a proper database system for the efficient management, analysis and reporting of the lyme borreliosis data for Innatoss Laboratories. “Before we started our collaboration with MediSapiens we had an internal development project by a trainee for such a system. This made it clear to us what we needed, preferably made by a specialist company” Kouwijzer summed up the challenges. “The PERMIDES project offered a great way for us to partner up with a company specialized in software development of projects like this.”

“The MediSapiens team is very approachable and easy to contact, communication was always really open and quick. We were also impressed with the company culture we witnessed when we visited the Helsinki office – the no-shoes policy, office dogs, easy to approach personnel and overall nice team to work with!” Kouwijzer comments on the collaboration. “Personal contact with the team was really important for us and the MediSapiens team really listened and understood our needs. They understand how to talk to customers. As often with custom projects we also faced some challenges with this database project, as some parts of the process took longer than expected and we faced some technical incompatibilities with our and MediSapiens’ technologies.”

Our team prefers using the new system instead of Excel. To improve involvement, we had a name competition to the new solution, open for Innatoss and MediSapiens personnel. The winner was PERICLES – PERmides Innatoss CLient Enquiry System” Kouwijzer tells. “Currently we are working with the new system and have stopped working with our Excel files. That has been a relief for my colleagues, since working with the MediSapiens system has a lot of advantages for us. Most importantly, it greatly reduces the chance of errors. Of course, there are things we would like to have changed, but after all, we think the cost/benefit ratio is very favorable for us, thanks to MediSapiens and PERMIDES!”

The database solution MediSapiens developed for Innatoss Laboratories is built in a way that it can be used for e.g. Q-fever and other tests. “It is really convenient that we are able to use the system for future tests as well. We are also currently making a wishlist for future additions to the system” Kouwijzer summarizes the future plans. “We are glad we partnered with the MediSapiens team for our innovative Lyme borreliosis interpretation and communication system. Working together was not only sufficient for a good result, but always pleasant as well. We can certainly recommend MediSapiens to other companies.”

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Soila Suhonen, Marketing Manager 

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