Data Curation and Ontology Mapping: Challenges and Solutions

Everyone who has performed curation of clinical and phenotypic data sets knows how time consuming this work can be. Add to that the risk of spelling errors, the challenges of coordination between team members all performing the same tasks (did you use “male” or “MALE”?) and it becomes clear that data curation is not always the easiest task to perform. Curation and standardizing of data sets is however a crucial step, ensuring that this data is utilized and harmonized in the most effective manner for data analysis.

At MediSapiens we have encountered the same challenges while curating datasets from both public and proprietary sources for our clients. This work led us to take a closer look at how the curation process could be made easier and faster as well as how sharing tasks and documenting audit trails are a standard part of the process. At the same time we also took a closer look at improving our ontology mapping, another time-consuming process that usually requires deep substance expertise from curators. You can read more details of the data curation process from our whitepaper.

The result of our research and development has led to the creation of Accurate™, our curation and automated ontology mapping application. Accurate™ provides you an intuitive interface that is easy to use, provides you an overview of the data right from the start and above all addresses the issues mentioned above: it significantly saves you time, reduces the risk of (human) errors, increases consistency and allows you to share projects.

Using the ontology mapping function, you can apply any ontology of choice and benefit from the smart memory, saving you even more time. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning based algorithms, you automatically map your terms to the ontology or controlled vocabulary of choice.

Gone are the days of tedious spreadsheet work and losing valuable time that could have been spent on research and analysis. In are the days where curation and ontology mapping have become fun and effective!


Writer: Hans Garritzen,Sales Director

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