About Us

MediSapiens provides cutting-edge software solutions to clients in the biomedical field. Our solutions turn biomedical data into new insights and knowledge. Our clients range from global pharmaceutical companies and leading healthcare organizations to research groups and start-ups.

The amount of biomedical data is growing exponentially, and the main challenge is to extract value from this data. The market demands sophisticated, specialized software solutions adding value to biomedical data for a variety of commercially (and socially) driven use cases for drug research/discovery, population research and personalized/precision healthcare 

MediSapiens provides industry leaders with novel IT solutions to make sense out of and combine various biomedical data sources. Our solutions help clients ensure the quality of their data, analyze it for new discoveries, and interpret it for meaningful insights. Finding new insights becomes faster and more cost efficient

We have implemented biomedical IT solutions since 2009.

We started out as a spin-off from the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) in 2009 in Helsinki. Some of the interesting work we have performed include a multi-omics drug discovery platform for leading pharma company, integrate genomics as part of healthcare operations and creating the world’s largest pure-breed dog/cat genomic health solution. In addition we implement a data management solution for anti-body testing for COVID-19 and provide and maintain the world’s largest fully integrated and annotated human gene expression data source.

Board of Directors

Petri Laine

Chairman of the Board, Innovestor Ventures Ltd

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Prof. Olli Kallioniemi

Board member, Co-founder representative

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Pekka Simula

Board member, Industry expert

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Prof. Steven Myint

Board member

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Management Team

Nils Effertz

Chief Executive Officer

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Eero Pennala

Solution Architect

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Max Salmi

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Technology Officer

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Juho Pietilänaho

Chief Financial Officer

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